Jay Chanz is the new "up and coming" name in the world of Hip-Hop. A New York native raised in New York, he has been descri...bed as the "the paramount of rap". Jay Chanz is an Entrepreneur and has Often has been compared to the late Notorious B.I.G (a.k.a. Biggie Smalls) for his prolific rapping style and distinctive tone.
Chanz not only stands out for his musical talent but, for his business savvy sense and ability to make things happen when he sets his mind to it. Chanz is a young college educated male with experience in marketing, and business.
He was born with a gift and passion for music. His love for God and his mother and father are the driving forces in his life and career. His knowledge of music and his writing talent came from watching his grandmother, who wrote Gospel and R&B music. Before she pasted she told him that he’ll be the next best in the world of music and never give up on my dreams.
Chanz can be labeled as a "Rapper" by some but truly he is a M.C. better described as a business man, a profound lyricist, who incorporates some positive messages and substance into his music. He delivers these messages that transcends through people of all cultures and ages. He delivers these messages from real life experiences and situations that both his peers and old school hip-hop veterans can understand and appreciate. Incredibly, Chanz has managed to reach No.5 on the BBC in United Kingdom for his single "lights Camera Action" which stayed at that spot for more than 15 weeks. Chanz is described as a passionate and persistent. One who has persevered through many obstacles and endured the ups and downs that inspiring artists and entrepreneurs’ go through to be heard. He States that,”Music is my love to the death."